Mission | Vision | Values


To serve as suitable and effective instruments in the hands of God for the complete restoration of the poor with special care for younger generations, as well as training people in fulfillment of the divine purpose framed in the context of the Great Commission of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God.


Through each organized program thousands of children, adolescents, families, communities and nations are distinguished and touched by the love of God as dignified people to fully develop their individual potential for the proper and common good.


Faith in Jesus Christ

It is the motor that moves us and it lies at the center of each individual part and whole of the Organization. It is the origin and the goal.


Main ingredient in all organizational work.


In both personal and organizational work we behave immaculately in testimony and in training.


Care, timeliness, consistency and love performed in each Program


Responsibility for the administration of all organizational resources to accomplish the mission.


Being helpful to the needy, fulfilling the purpose for which the organization was created.


Distinguished quality in all programs developed by the Organization.


Complacency to meet fully with the organizational mission.


Working together with others to achieve improvement in the target population and always being in tune with our values.

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ASCRIGERE – Love in the Streets Ministries
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