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 ASCRIGERE | Love in the Streets Ministries 

Thanks for visiting us.    In our website you can find information about the ten  programs  we develop, the impact we are having,  news and progress,  projects we are promoting, different ways you can  donate  and  get involved among other things.

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Whowe are

ASCRIGERE is born as a missionary work for the children who live in the streets.   We have 31 years developing and implementing programs.

For our work, the Government of Costa Rica has declared us "Public Utility" for the purposes of the State since 2001.    We are authorized to receive deductible donations of gross income in Costa Rica.

Likewise, our founder has been awarded as a "Builder of Peace".

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Our values

Whatwe do

Mercy and justice with love for all children, adolescents, and families.

Not a single boy or girl should live on the street, suffer, be violent, be hungry or cold.

In all our programs are present:


We want to be a channel for all people to approach God, and to know that they were made in the image and likeness of Him.


We deliver food in all our activities and support families with food for their regular meals.


Validate the family in its right dimension, seeking healthy relationships, providing tools and empowering them to be happy.


We pretend that each person can receive healing as well as freedom, from every sequel, harmful effect and pain of their life history and to return to the purpose of God.


Safety and protection for all our children and adolescents are essential, providing them with shelter from outside dangers and a safe indoor environment.

Human development

Capabilities, intelligence, talents, gifts, aptitudes can be developed for a dignified and fulfilling life.


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implemented programs

Watch this

With great joy, we share the Conclusion of Stage # 1 of the wall in our Shelter - Home Female.

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Frequently asked questions

ASCRIGERE | Love in the Streets Ministries count on a team highly committed to the missionary cause in favor of the poor, of the childhood - adolescence and their family.

If you want to put into service your gifts, technical and soft skills; and thus be part of this work, please, Write us

Our next volunteer training is scheduled for February 2018.   We would very much appreciate your presence.

Prudence is a wise friend, so we invite you to take the appropriate precautions.

A respectful and sincere approach helps a lot. Do not make offers that you will not comply, or that may get confused.

Being a good Samaritan is possible, without assuming undue paternalistic roles or believing that we can solve the life of others.   A good Samaritan is a person with mercy who offers to be a channel to help and manage help for another person.

There are some homeless kids who do not express the desire to leave the streets.   It's required to work longer with them in the induction process.    Remember to inform the child's location to those who work with this population.   Also contributing to what is needed to provide such help, can be a determining factor for expanding the statistics of children rescued.

We have several channels enabled to advise you on this situation.   You can write to us through our contact form or to our email:    We will also be happy to assist you by telephone at (506) 2229-6341

Yes, we could. We have two programs focused on these situations:

  1. Preventive Social Risk Program in Communities
  2. Extension program to Ministries, Churches and Civil Society in General

Please write us an email at to know your situation.

Due to the types of programs we develop, it is continually required:

  1. Prayer, both for the organization and for the boys and girls we serve.
  2. Foods
  3. Donations in kind: equipment and furniture, school supplies, clothing, shoes.
  4. Volunteering: of companies with corporate social responsibility program, missionary groups of churches, community work, thesis, internships.
  5. Projects: assuming a specific key project to our Organization.
  6. Economic: for the support of the programs.

If you wish to make a donation, you can contact us by e-mail  or call us at our headquarters (506) 2229-6341

Contact us

ASCRIGERE – Love in the Streets Ministries
 Phone:  (506) 2229-6341  |  (506) 2229-6304


 North side front "El Trapiche" gas station
Coronado San José, Costa Rica