ASCRIGERE Love in the Streets Ministry

Since 1993  ASCRIGERE – Love in the Streets Ministry has improved Costa Rican childhood and youth in unfavorable conditions through opportunity.


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ASCRIGERE – Love in the Streets Ministry was originated in response to the unjust situation of children sleeping in the streets of Costa Rica.

Its commission is to give them a place to sleep. However, given the magnitude of problems presented in childhood and youth, it has been necessary for ASCRIGERE to extend its actions, to not only counter this situation but to also prevent it and re-educate the public about it.

Therefore, it has created, innovated, reinvented and optimized its programs to cover multiple populations and provide care according to each need.

Current reality

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The last “State of Education 2013 – Costa Rica” report gives us a bleak panorama of the current situation in Costa Rica, which we cannot ignore or turn a blind eye to.

About 60% of children under 6 years of age, that is, three out of five, are part of poor and vulnerable households.     State of the Nation Program. 2013 Fourth State of Education Report. San Jose, State of the Nation Program.

This is a warning to take immediate action. Usually, several issues may be combined together with poverty, such as, crime, domestic violence, substance abuse, idleness, commercial sexual exploitation, high dropout rates and loss of moral values, among others.

Our impact

Because of the quality of our programs and the benefit they bring to the target population, the Costa Rican government has declared ASCRIGERE as a Public Utility. See Decree 29724-J *** Spanish ***

Each of the programs has been developed with a specific approach and a particular purpose.

We have developed metrics and indicators, with which we have measured the impact of our programs, but more than that, we have seen changes in the population we serve.

  •  Every minute inverted gives great benefits.
  •  Each meal delivered, contributes to food security and fills those served with joy.
  •  Every donation strengthens our mission.

Get to know each and every one of our Programs at Synopsis of our programs

It is worth investing in people.    It is worth doing when they need it most. Join us and be a part of people who extend their hands to the needy.   This is love in action.