Alumni program


Program's Name:
Alumni Program

Year of creation:

Target Population:
Alumni who have successfully completed one of our organization’s programs.

Duration of attention:
Monthly meetings and other activities.

Specific objective
Provide continuity in the process of guiding each adolescent, strengthen social and support networks.

Alumni attend to strengthen the changes within them, to support themselves in difficult situations that they experience and to be provided with counseling and guidance when needed.

A monthly meeting, feedback activities, general therapies, taking a walk and other recreational, therapeutic and spiritual efforts are carried out.

Also when alumni get married, their spouse seeks to join in organized activities. A Christmas party is thrown for the alumni’s children.

The program is aimed at alumni from the various ministerial programs, mainly covering the population from Shelters – Households of Restoration Program and to a lesser extent the previous program Teo-therapeutic for Juvenile Sex Offenders, as well as discipleships.

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