Street Population


Program's Name:
Direct Attention to Homeless Population Program

Year of creation:

Target Population:
Children, teenagers and people in general who roam the streets and who are homeless.

Duration of attention:
Six hours per week, plus special activities.

Specific objective
Find, locate and establish contact with children and teenagers who live on the street and provide them with opportunities to break out of their condition.

Since 1993 this program has been carried out directly in the streets. The Ministry’s team tours a number of sectors in which children from the street spend their time. They set out to contact them with three basic objectives:

  •  Evangelization.
  •  Provide help with food, clothing, shoes, first aid, haircuts, removing lice infestations and healing wounds, among others.
  •  Induction, making an invitation to join a new lifestyle: Shelters - Household of Restoration Program.

The adults living in homeless conditions are given the same services but their induction is oriented to an internment center for adults.

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ASCRIGERE – Love in the Streets Ministries
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