Discipleships for parents


Program's Name:
Parents Discipleship

Year of creation:

Target Population:
The parents of the children and adolescents that we attend to.

Duration of attention:
Once a week in addition to family care and special activities.

Specific objective
For parents to encourage and strengthen their role within the family through the parenting school.

ASCRIGERE – Love in the Streets Ministry holds the family theme as one of their priorities. The involvement of parents, grandparents and older siblings in various activities is essential for children and young people to be able to grow safely and healthy and to expect a fair and dignified life.

Parents of the population we serve participate in discipleship programs and school for parents so they can reinforce the values of responsible parenthood and can be educated to exercise this role, enjoying and growing with their children.

It is not just about creating time for family, but also learning to share educational spaces in different scenarios: spiritual, recreational, social life, etc.

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