Knowledge stewardship

Program's Name:
Extension program to Ministries, Churches and Civil Society in General

Year of creation:

Target Population:
Ministerial team work, churches and related organizations.

Duration of attention:
Monthly meeting and other activities.

Specific objective
Training in a context of Christian fellowship for an effective mission accomplishment.

It is the systematization of organizational knowledge acquired through experience, research; both scientific and theological level, as well as updates that are occurring on the way.

The Directorate General of our Organization contributes knowledge, creativity, relevance, efficiency and enjoyment in all organizational practices.

Its audience is at both an internal and external organizational level, locally and internationally.

Its model is theoretical - practical, iterative and evolutionary.

Its main objective is to deliver knowledge in an optimal and expeditious manner to those who need it; so that the Christian missionary work with people has a greater chance of success in the stated objectives.

Our care team in the different programs has weekly meetings and monthly training where concepts are clarified, guidelines are strengthened and chores are assigned and maintained according to the given vision of the organization.

The support provided by our organization in this program consists of:

  •  Training
  •  Activities demonstrative practices with children and / or adolescents.
  •  Lessons with parents and leaders.
  •  Worship of teachings and ministration
  •  Advice on social, missionary and productive fields.
  •  Participation in networks.
  •  Pastoral Council.
  •  Other specific.

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