Christmas program


Program's Name:
Make a Child Happy this Christmas Campaign

Year of creation:

Target Population:
Population served throughout the year and strategically selected population.

Specific objective
Host and coordinate parties and thanksgiving worship services to celebrate the birth of Jesus as Savior and conclude a year of resilience of the population served.

The Make a Child Happy this Christmas Campaign summarizes the major objective of this program and is conducted with the help of churches, businesses and families

It began during Christmas of 1993 and since then has continued expanding the number of children and communities covered over the years.

This program consists of providing each child and adolescent participant a gift package containing clothing, shoes and toys, all new, as an expression of God’s love and care.

The gifts are received at a party with a special program which includes; games, food, Bible study about the meaning of Christmas, family, entertainment and many other activities.

Generally the children who have been treated throughout the year, despite their impoverished conditions, have shown an effort to study, overcome obstacles and rise to other opportunities.

All promoters, sponsors, volunteers and donors participating in this program receive a great reward in knowing that their hard work made bringing hope and joy possible.

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