Shelters - Homes


Program's Name:
Shelters - Homes of Restoration Program

Year of creation:

Target Population:
Children and teenagers who want a change in their lifestyle.

Duration of attention:
24 / 7 / 365 at least during two years.

Specific objective
Restore in a comprehensive way and provide them with opportunities and tools to lead a new life based in Christ.

This is Love in the Streets Ministry’s central program.   It was created in 1996.   It is residential in nature because it provides a home for teenagers, both men and women, who have lived in street conditions with high social risk factors and/or social pathologies.

The program lasts for two years and its focus is the restoration of the areas affected or damaged in adolescence. It provides conditions for a new lifestyle.   Love is fundamental to the entire program. It is the key element that allows teenagers to be dignified. They can receive the care and treatment they need in response to the conditions under which they arrive to the shelter.

It is a comprehensive program that incorporates: spiritual, restorative, emotional, intellectual, physical, social and familial factors.

With the aim of providing conditions for a new lifestyle the program focuses heavily on: changes in attitude, habit formation and discipline, as well as motivation. We strive for acquisition of the bases in a formal education, pre-vocational and vocational education.   It is essential to form biblical and moral foundations in principles of life in order to achieve the purpose of this program.

This program is a very expensive one because it must cover the teenagers in full. Therefore, having sponsors is important for our organization so that more children may be incorporated.

Gender focus is present but it is basically the same program for both sexes.

Also within our priorities is included the Environment; inasmuch as vocational projects that focus on respect for nature and environmental protection, including the search for alternative forms of production.

The program is implemented in a rural setting in the province of Limón on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, where it also has a favorable community outreach.

Finally, this program incorporates teenagers of different nationalities, race and culture.

 What happens when a teenager completes the program?

When teens complete this program, they can choose from three options:

  •  Continue with ASCRIGERE in the Trainers Program.
  •  Reinsertion to their family life according to the changes and agreements that the families have made.
  •  An independent life in which they are provided with initial formal support.

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